While Your Child is at Camp

A week can be a long time for your kids to be away from home. Here are some fun ways to stay connected while your child is here at camp!


Hello Mother, Hello Father!
There is nothing like a good old fashioned letter while at camp. You can send your camper a letter to the following address:

Your Camper's Name
501 McCaffery Rd
Bigfork, MT 59911

All mail will be delivered during lunch each day. Camp tradition says that any camper that receives 3 or more letters at a time gets to sing us a song! But don't worry, no one has to sing alone! Please send your letter early enough in the week to ensure it arrives before your camper's last day at camp. Because of the large quantity of camper mail received during the summer, any letters that arrive after a child has left camp will not be forwarded.


You can also communicate with your camper during the week via email. Simply include your camper's name in the subject line and send your email to:

All camper emails will be printed and delivered during lunch. This is a great way to pass on any non-urgent messages to your camper. (Campers are not given access to computers to email you back. If they'd like to write a response it will come via physical mail).


Have something special for your camper that can only come from you? Or did your camper forget their shampoo? Their sweatshirt? Their underwear? I hope not, but if they did, you can drop a package by the office or mail it to:

Your Camper's Name
501 McCaffery Rd
Bigfork, MT 59911

Camp tradition says that any camper receiving a package gets to sing us a song! But don't worry, no one has to sing alone.

If you intend to make a quick visit to your camper when you drop off your package, please call ahead and plan to comply with our visitor policy.

Order a Gift Package

The only thing better than getting a letter at camp is getting a package! I know, I know, shipping is expensive. And it's a long drive to camp. That's okay! We would be happy to put together a package for your camper with items from the camp store and deliver it during the week! Care Packages can be purchased at the camp store during check-in or can be placed over the phone before camp, using this Care Package Order Form.


Visit Your Camper

We do allow camper visits at Big Sky Bible Camp. For some children, seeing a loved one can help them get through the week away from home, but for others it can be a big distraction or cause severe homesickness. Therefore, we ask that you carefully consider whether a visit will help or hinder your camper's experience at camp. If you do decide to make a visit, we simply ask that you follow a few simple steps and guidelines for the safety and well being of all of our campers.

  1. Call ahead to schedule your visit. All visitations must take place between 12pm and 4pm. This is the most flexible part of your camper's schedule, and ensures that a staff member will be available to meet you and bring your camper to the office.
  2. When you arrive, check in at the camp office. Any visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  3. A camp counselor will be informed of the visit and will bring your camper to the office for the visit.
  4. Because we cannot complete background checks on every visitor, visitors must stay at the office location for the duration of the visit. This also helps avoid increased homesickness, which is oftentimes made worse when a camper sees another parent visit.

Call Your Camper

Although cell phones are not allowed at camp, you can get in touch with your camper by calling the camp office. We can either pass a message on to them or arrange a time for them to come to the office and give you a call.

Office Phone: