The Ministry of Nursing

Nurse, Nurturer, Comforter

In my opinion, one of the most important positions at camp is that of the camp nurse.  Whether it be dealing with a bee sting, asthma, a severe headache or any other ailment, simply stepping into the nurse’s office almost makes campers feel better in and of itself.  I don’t think nursing is often viewed as a ministry in our Christian circles, but I believe anyone who is a nurse understands that it is pure ministry.

The job description for a camp nurse at Big Sky Bible camp goes far beyond putting band aids on and dispensing medication.  Add on counselor, mother, encourager, nurturer, comforter, teacher and you might be getting close to the scope of what a camp nurse does.

Even as adults, when we suffer sicknesses and ailments, it helps us to realize the fragility of our health and the transient nature of our lives.  During His ministry, Jesus used sickness as an avenue to the soul, through physical healing people realized their spiritual need too.  We don’t expect any healing to take place during camp at Big Sky, but we do believe that nurses have a special opportunity to love and care for God’s precious children while they are at camp.

In case you couldn’t tell, this is a blog as well as an ad for camp nurses for this summer at Big Sky.  We are in need of at least a half dozen nurses yet for the summer.  In my opinion, it is a great opportunity to minister to kids or those with special needs during Camp Promise.

Did You Know

-Nurses at Big Sky can bring their families to stay with them?

-Nurses at Big Sky get a free week of camp or multiple weeks of day camp for their children?

-The Big Sky staff can help you work around nursing shifts, so you may not even have to take a week off?

-Nurses at Big Sky have a lot of free time throughout the week to get to know kids, relax, swim, etc.

-Nurses at Big Sky get to stay in Crater Cottage overlooking Peterson lake?

Big Sky is still in need of nurses for both traditional camp and day camp as well as Camp Promise, Big Sky’s camp for those with special needs.  Because of the medication demands during Camp Promise, Big Sky hires two nurses for each week of Camp Promise.

If you are remotely interested in pursuing this great ministry at Big Sky, please contact Jamy Landis at [email protected] or by calling 406-837-4864.